How to delete cash app history ?

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Cash App is a very user friendly application to send and recieve money. Also to buy/sell and transfer bitcoins i.e. a cryptocurrency. Its extremely user friendly interface allows people to use it as their primary money App in their day to day lives. Some of the account holders trade bitcoins as well through Cash App. Everytime an accountholder send or recieve money. Or even buys or sell bitcoins, the application keeps a track of it. Its view history/transactions option allows a customer to view all the transactions they have done over the period of time. From the beginning till present.

Cash App Helpline
Cash App Helpline (800) 213-2994 Call To Fix Your Issues

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It is very easy to access the transaction history of a Cash App account. The steps are as follow :

Open Cash App.

Towards top right, click on the click ( Old Version )

Towards bottom right corner, click on the clock ( Updated Version )

Some customers like to keep their transactions private and not show it to many people. This happens with customers who have a single mobile device being used in a complete family. Or sometimes teenagers doesnt want to share their money activity with their family. So they decide to get rid of the transactions shown in thier transaction history on the application.

Its easy to how to delete Cash App history. The account holder have to request to the support team and within the time frame that they give it would be done.

The steps are as follow :

Open Cash App.

On the right top corner click on your profile.

Scroll down to Click on support.

Click on Account setting.

Click on Contact Support.

Click Email.

Then it would ask you to type a description of your query. Here you can request the support team to erase the entire transaction history on your account or if the account holder wants they can also request to delete specific transactions,

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